Going the Extra Mile by Katy Alexander

Today's very special guest is Katy Alexander. And Going the Extra Mile marks Katy's debut as an author. So please give her a great big welcome! Congrats, Katy! 

Small town. Big hearts. But can one little secret tear it all apart?

Abby is a vivacious student teacher in the charming little town of Sapphire Falls, renting a room in the quaint B&B and flirting with Mike, the hunky coach who makes her heart flutter. When a tipsy post-game kiss leads to more, Abby quickly finds herself falling for the small-town charmer.

But however sweet his kisses and however badly she wants to stay, Abby knows the secret she’s keeping will change the way he sees her forever. Unless she can trust the townspeople enough to open up her heart, Abby will have to leave Sapphire Falls behind and never look back.


Abby glanced up at the clock in the hallway. She had about twenty minutes before most of the faculty would start arriving. She’d learned several weeks ago what time to get to Sapphire Falls High School for uninterrupted copy machine use. Even so, she walked a little faster than necessary. The average person would probably find it comical what a hot commodity a copy machine was in a school. And private, uninterrupted, “no one tapping their foot as they wait” time was almost unheard of. If you were lucky enough to find that magical time, you took advantage of it and kept it a secret, like a fisherman’s sweet spot.

She’d hinted to the students that there would be a pop quiz on the first three chapters of Lord of the Flies today, and if she didn’t follow through, she’d lose all credibility with them. Being a student teacher was tough enough, but she’d learned quickly from veteran teachers that not following through would only make it worse. Abby had stayed up late typing the quiz and arrived extra early to print it out, then headed as quickly as she could without flat-out running to the copy room.

Abby felt a tap on her right shoulder. Someone had certainly snuck up on her, because she hadn’t heard a thing. When she turned to look, no one was there. She didn’t have time to contemplate that weirdness. Thinking it must have been her imagination, Abby had turned to continue her fast walk to the copy room when Mike jogged by her on the left, letting out a “Woot!” as he passed.

“Damn it, Mike!” Abby said, loudly enough for Mike to hear but not loudly enough that anyone nearby would.

Mike turned around and jogged backward down the hall. “You snooze, you lose,” he said with a smirk.

Abby was glad she’d worn flats, because heels totally would have sucked when she took off running after him.

Mike stuck his arms out to block her way with a grin on his face. Abby faked left and ran to the right, swiping at the papers in his hand, and she giggled as she passed.

Abby slowed back to her fast walk and called, “I hope you have a good defensive coordinator helping you with that football team, Coach!”

“Ah, Miss Sanders, it’s nice to see you can do smartass so early in the morning,” Mike called with a chuckle.

Abby glanced back to see him snatching his papers off the floor and rising into a run like a sprinter out of the starting blocks. Unable to contain her squeal and laughter, Abby took off running. They were almost to the copy room and she wasn’t taking any chances he’d beat her.

They arrived at the door at the same time and crashed into each other as they both tried to fit through.
“Ladies first,” Abby sing-songed as she slipped under the arm he’d used to stop himself in the doorway.

“Aw, come on, Abby. I’ve got these health tests I need to get run off for today, and you English teachers take forever,” Mike said as he accepted defeat and walked toward the teacher mailboxes.

“You shouldn’t have waited if you needed them today,” Abby said with a smirk, and pushed the buttons on the machine. She was truly thankful for secretaries who arrived early and turned the machine on so there was no wait for it to warm up.

“What about you?” Mike asked as he checked his mailbox.

“Mine is a pop quiz, so it was a last-minute thing,” Abby said smugly. “Plus I’m new. I’m just learning.” She batted her eyes and punched the start button.

Mike held up several catalogs for dancewear, prom decorations, fundraisers, and office equipment. “I want to again thank you for signing me up on catalog.com for all these wonderful catalogs I’ve been receiving daily.”

Abby laughed. “You started it when you covered my Jeep in Post-it notes.”

“The look on your face… Man, I wish I’d had a camera.” Mike smiled as he scanned the mailboxes with the catalogs in hand.

Abby knew what he was up to. He was going to put them in the mailbox of some unsuspecting teacher, who would be thoroughly confused.

“Don’t stick your junk in my box,” Abby said with an eyebrow raised and pursed lips.

Mike flashed a grin her way and started to put the magazines in her mailbox.
“You don’t want me to fill your box with my junk?” Mike asked with eyebrows raised of his own.

“Oh Coach, you know you don’t have an adequate amount of junk to fill my box,” Abby said, feigning a pout and shaking her head.

Mike chuckled and put the magazines in the box above Abby’s. It was the business teacher’s mailbox. Abby was impressed. Not only was she the senior sponsor for the prom, but she was often found pulling catalogs out of the trash for economics lessons. Mike paid attention to his coworkers. That was nice. He’d turned what could just have been a silly prank into a genuinely thoughtful gesture.
Abby gathered her stack of quizzes and headed for the door. “It’s all yours.”

“Is it, now?” Mike looked her up and down from head to toe and winked.

“Don’t you wish?” Abby laughed and turned for the door.

“Hey, Abby, I did want to ask you if there was any improvement in Brody’s English grade,” Mike said.

Abby stopped and leaned on the door jamb. “A little. He seems to be making more of an effort, so hopefully he’ll bring it up by the end of the semester. How about for you?” Abby asked.

“Same for me. I’m going to stay on him. There’s no excuse, he’s a smart kid.”

“Agreed. I gotta run and finish my coffee before the kids get here. Will I see you later?” Abby asked.

“I don’t know. It depends.” Mike gestured toward the copier. “You know what sucks about giving a health test?” he asked as he pushed start.


“Grading them.”

“I hear ya.”

Abby headed out the door.

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Going to Be Yours by Samantha Chase

Today's special guest is Samatha Chase, author of Going to Be Yours Welcome, Samantha!

They’ve been in an intimate relationship for three years, they’ve just never met.

How is the story connected to Sapphire Falls?

Will Campbell was born and raised in Sapphire Falls and he works for Sapphire Falls Auto Care.  Serena Hughes is from Lincoln, NE, but her cousin Peyton lives in Sapphire Falls.  And it’s through that connection that Serena has been coming to the local festivals for the last three years.  She’s kissed Will at each of those festivals while he’s worked the kissing booth and she’s finally ready to formally  meet him.

More about the story:

Will Campbell has been in an interesting relationship for the last three years – with a woman he
doesn’t know!  He’s been kissed by the same mysterious woman at all of the Sapphire Falls festivals
while working at the kissing booth, but he has no idea who she is and she disappears after every steamy
kiss.  But this year?  This Halloween festival?  He vows to stop her and convince her to do more than just
kiss and run.

Serena Hughes is that mystery woman and she’s tired of this crazy game of kissing and running.  It had
started out as a dare, but now she wants more.  She wants to know who this sexy man is who kisses like
a dream and has her anxiously awaiting the next Sapphire Falls festival.  When she hears of the first-ever
Halloween festival coming to the small town, she vows that this is going to be the year where she’s
going to kiss and then stay put.  And maybe – just maybe – she’ll get a jump start on the festivities.

While Will’s planning his strategy, he never expects to run into his mystery woman while driving down
the street.  And once he sees her and confronts her, there’s only one thing he can do – kiss her.  And
keep kissing her until she promises to give them a chance beyond the next festival.

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Going Strong, by EmKay Connor

Welcome EmKay Connor, today's featured author!

Ember Jones-Roseman needs a reminder that life is about the journey, not the destination, and Ford Slater is the perfect man for the job.

Ford Slater, six-time national BBQ cook off champ and Montana cattle rancher, might be the perfect blend of down home sex appeal "Good Grub" needs to become the next nationally syndicated cooking show. But not if TV producer Ember Jones-Roseman fails to get the laid-back cowboy across the country to Atlanta in time to audition. Ford has a fondness for back roads and the slow lane that might run Ember's career straight into the ditch, although his lazy smile and whiskey-smooth voice are enough to tempt her to take a detour off her fast-track to success.

Ford promises Ember they can hit the highway, but only if she agrees to spend one night in Nowhereville U.S.A. Will the small-town magic of Sapphire Falls be enough for an easygoing, sweet-talking cowboy to convince an OCD, Type-A overachiever that life is meant to be savored, not conquered?

Book 1 in The Natural Love Series, featuring sisters Ember, Sierra, Brooke and Windy.

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Going for Wilder by Trish Edmisten

Welcome to Trish Edmisten, today's featured author.

It’s been ten years since Jackson walked away from the only woman he ever loved. Maybe it’s time he did something about that.

Some things are just meant to be. Jillian Somers falling in love with Jackson Wilder was one of those things. Everything changed when Jackson’s mother died. They drifted apart until the distance between them became impossible to overcome. 

In the ten years since they’ve spoken, Jillian has done everything she can to forget about Jackson and move on with her life. She’s even tried dating other men, but it’s never seemed to work out. When her ex comes to town, it’s clear he’s there for more than just the festival. Now Jillian has to decide if she’s going to give Garrett another chance or if she’s going for the one man she’s always wanted.

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Going for the Moment by Elena Aitken

Going for the Moment, by  Elena Aitken

Today's special guest is Elena Aitken, author of Going for the Moment. Welcome, Elena!

Sometimes opposites don’t just attract, they collide.

Amber McCormick has always lived a well ordered life. She’s made sure of it. Now, with a new college degree in hand, she decides to take a few days to visit her best friend in Sapphire Falls before starting the next phase of her life. It’s perfect timing too, since for the first time in her life, Amber’s no longer sure of her plan.

However, a mix up in timing results in her crashing with her best friend's wild—more than a little rough around the edges—brother and Amber suddenly finds her predictable life turned upside down.

Taking a break from the backcountry of Australia, Cole Price is home to visit his little sister. But he definitely wasn’t prepared to find her very attractive and very tightly wound best friend, Amber there instead.

Stuck together for a few days, they decide to make the best of the mix up and take in the town’s Fall Festival. All Amber wants is to have a little fun and maybe even lighten up a little bit. The last thing she expects is to be attracted to a man like Cole, and she’s definitely not prepared to actually fall for him. Now after only a few days, Amber’s questioning everything she ever thought she wanted and what she really needs.


He was going to kiss her. He should have kissed her.
Or maybe he shouldn’t have? He was still Josie’s brother, after all.
Amber couldn’t think of it anymore. She unscrewed the lid of her Booze and tapped it to his. “Cheers. Happy fall festival.”
He smiled. “This kind of makes us locals, doesn’t it?”
“Hardly.” She laughed and took a small sip of her drink. Not really sure what to expect, she guarded herself, but the pumpkin spice flavored-alcohol was delicious, so she took a bigger swallow. “But this is delicious. What flavor did you get?”
“It’s kind of an apple cider. Delicious, but…strong, I think.”
“Be careful,” a man across from them offered. “Borcher’s Booze will sneak up on you.”
“What is it?” Amber asked. “Because it’s delicious.”
The man laughed. “No one really knows the recipe, but it definitely is delicious.”
“Which is what makes it so dangerous.” The woman next to him laughed. “Welcome to town. There’s a bonfire down by the river tonight. You two should check it out.”
“That sounds fun.” Cole looked over at Amber for confirmation.
With the way he was looking at her and the warmth of the Booze in her belly, she was fairly sure she’d say yes to anything he suggested.
“Great,” the woman said. “The hay ride will take you there.” She winked at them and went back to snuggling with her man.
They looked cozy and sweet. In the past few months, since breaking up with Randy, more than once there’d been moments where Amber missed the togetherness that came with being a couple, the companionship that having someone special in your life afforded you. She thought she was over it and had moved on. Watching the young couple, those old feelings came back. But only a little bit. She pulled her gaze away and turned to Cole, who was watching her carefully.
“Nothing,” he said. “I was just wondering where you went. You looked like maybe you were lost in your head there.”
Amber smiled, which was easy to do when she was looking at Cole, and took another big sip of her drink. “I was just thinking about something I used to have and don’t anymore.”
“And that made you sad?”
She shook her head, enjoying how the waves of hair hit her face. It had been so long since she’d worn it down. “You know what, it really didn’t. A little nostalgic maybe. But I think I’ve realized that what I thought I had wasn’t so great. I’m looking forward to the future and having fun.”
His hand slid across the hay to hers. He didn’t take it in his, but instead only one finger wrapped around hers. “Good. I’ve built a whole life on having fun and exploring the world.”
“But there’s more to life than just having fun, isn’t there?”
He laughed. “Spoken like a true accountant.”
“Maybe.” She ignored the twinge of hurt she felt at his words. “But I think I’m starting to see that it should be a balance. I’m twenty-four. I can’t just live a life of fun and no responsibility.”
“Have you ever?”
“That’s why I think it should be a balance.” She winked at him. “I definitely haven’t had enough of it. I was so busy trying to be a ‘good girl’ and not cause any waves at home that I don’t think I really had a chance to do any of the wild and crazy stuff you’re supposed to when you’re a teenager.”
She really didn’t want to get into her family life with Cole. It was hard enough to explain to people that her and her younger sister were the products of a long-running affair and when their father finally left his other family to be with them, it had basically destroyed the lives of all six kids. She’d mostly come to peace with the situation, but there was no denying that the choices of her parents had shaped who she was.
As if he could sense that she didn’t want to get into the details, he squeezed her finger with his and smiled. “Well, it’s never too late. We both have some Booze and we’re at a festival. I can’t think of a better time to have a little of that wild fun, can you?”
“No.” She shook her head. “I can’t.” They each raised their jars and drank deeply. In the back of her head, Amber knew it was a bad idea to let loose completely, but the part of her that no longer cared was a lot louder than the part that did. She took another drink right as an eerie howl split the peaceful night. She jumped, splashing her drink.
“What was that?”
Cole chuckled and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. “I imagine that was the haunted part of the haunted hay ride. Don’t be scared.”

She wasn’t. At least, not of whatever fabricated haunts were waiting for them on their ride to the river. No, if Amber was scared of anything at all, it was the way her stomach fluttered and her body burned at Cole’s touch.

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Going Home by Amanda McIntyre

Kicking off our Sapphire Falls Kindle World Halloween release is author Amanda McIntyre, whose book is titled Going Home. Amanda was kind enough to allow me to use her characters, Kasey and Cooper, in Going Back to Find You

Welcome, Amanda, and thanks again for helping Jason find Liz and for helping Liz find her way home.


Kasey Seagren left Sapphire Falls in search of finding her fame and fortune through her music. Tragedy at home forces her to return to face her past and in going home, she discovers that maybe what she needs has always been in her own backyard.

A home-grown country boy, Cooper Evans had always placed home, family and his friends as a priority in his life. But his heart was stolen years before by a young woman with a gypsy’s heart and he never fully recovered. Now she’s back and he’d determined to end her wandering and prove that in his arms is where she belongs.


She looked up, squinting through the last dredges of dusky sunlight at her roadside savior. His face was rugged, but his eyes were soft, kind as they searched her face. He seemed familiar. “Do I know you?” she asked, trying to place him in the jumbled fog in her brain.

“My name is Cooper. Cooper Evans.”

He glanced over his shoulder, and a fine shoulder it was in that dark blue flannel shirt that made his lapis blue eyes seem even darker. His hair, falling just above his collar, had the most adorable curl behind one ear.
She blinked. Why would she notice something like that?

“I saw your truck as I was coming across the field. Thought you’d gone on into town. I have to admit, the last I checked the road I didn’t see anything coming.”

“No, no, it was my fault. I made a U-turn.” She sighed. “And I was tuning the radio and not paying attention.”

He frowned. “That explains a lot.”

“I’m sorry…what was your name again?” Kasey’s brain went on full alert, followed by other parts of her too long out of use.

“Cooper Evans, ma’am.”

Ma’am? She swallowed. Being on the road had been hard, but she hoped not too hard. “Do I look old enough to be a ma’am?” she asked, trying to scramble to her feet. Cooper Evans. This couldn’t be the same guy. “Did you say you lived around here?”

“My farmland butts right up to the city limits of Sapphire Falls, yes, m—”

She held up her hand to halt the phrase. “Don’t. Say. It.” With his help, Kasey made it to her feet and winced—not from the pain of the injury, but from the sight of her truck.

“I can maybe get a tow truck out here. You know anybody in Sapphire Falls?”

“I do, but I know she’s busy…working at the diner.”

He nodded. “Okay, the least I can do is get you back into town.”

“That’d be great,” she said with more enthusiasm than she truly felt.

Kasey watched, dabbing her temple as he pulled her backpack and guitar case from the truck and hauled them up into the cab of his combine. Her baby blue pick-up was sorely battered. And she was stuck in this god-forsaken place—during Halloween—without transportation. Could this get any worse?

“Come on, I’ll help you up.”

She studied the mammoth machine “Seriously? You’re taking me in that thing?”

“Do it all the time.” He gave her a smile that, okay, might have caused places to clench that she’d forgotten knew how.

Likely some type of post-traumatic stress.

Sapphire Falls Kindle World: smarturl.it/SFKW-GoingHome

About the Author:

Amanda McIntyre’s storytelling is a natural offshoot of her artistic creativity. A visual writer, living in the rich tapestry of the American heartland, her passion is telling character-driven stories with a penchant (okay, some call it a wicked obsession) for placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations to see how they overcome the obstacles to their HEA.

A bestselling author, her work is published internationally in Print, eBook, and Audio. She writes steamy contemporary and sizzling historical romance and truly believes, no matter what, love will always find a way.

Learn more about Amanda:

AMAZON .uk AUTHOR PAGE:   http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B002C1KH2Q

Bestselling author~
  Amanda McIntyre

Storyteller at heart~ Romantic. Riveting. Rebellious.


It's Halloween in Sapphire Falls!

This Halloween check out these thirteen spooky (and not so spooky) new additions to Sapphire Falls!

I'm thrilled to be part of the Sapphire Falls special Halloween release. Thirteen romantic stories of love in a small town will be releasing next week, October 25th. What's especially fun for me is that several of these stories (including mine) are paranormal!

Starting tomorrow, and continuing until the end of the month, I'll be highlighting one of the authors/stories, I'll also be running a contest from now until Halloween. Comment each day to be entered to win. I'll be giving away ebooks, ARCs, Amazon GCs, as well as gifts from LUSH, Tea Forte, Moonstruck Chocolate, and Starbucks. It's two weeks of Halloween-themed fun!

Welcome to SAPPHIRE FALLS—a tiny Midwestern gem overflowing with small-town charm. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy happy hour at the Come Again bar, a tasty treat at Scott’s Sweets, a country-music-infused party at the river with a mason jar of legendary Booze, or even join in the fun at one of the annual town festivals, where the locals specialize in making you feel right at home.

But fair warning: Love is always in the air, and visitors tend to fall quickly—for the town and its inhabitants. You may not be looking for happily ever after…but in Sapphire Falls, happily ever after might come looking for you.

October 2016 Release

Because even vampires deserve a second chance.

Getting her help is going to be a lot easier said than done...

He can’t live with her, he can’t leave without her.

Sometimes opposites don’t just attract, they collide.

It’s been ten years since Jackson walked away from the only woman he ever loved. Maybe it’s time to get her back.

Vampires, zombies, and wolves, oh my! Honey's vacation with her ex-husband goes haywire. when he tries too hard to get her back.

Sometimes what your heart is searching for is never far from home.

Ember Jones-Roseman needs a reminder that life is about the journey, not the destination, and Ford Slater is the perfect man for the job.

Small town. Big hearts. But can one little secret tear it all apart?

They’ve been in an intimate relationship for three years, they’ve just never met.

A rebellious aristocrat looking for love…    Meets a noble rebel worthy of his heart…

Love at first sight, or a past they don’t remember?

In the security business things can happen fast – the same is true in the business of love.